Arizona Monsoon Season Roofing Issues


AP Photo/Rob Schumacher

Between mid-July and the end of August, Arizonans experience what we call our monsoon season. It’s when we get some of our worst thunderstorms, haboobs and hail storms. One would think the knowledge that these storms come every year would prompt homeowners to do more preventative damage control. Unfortunately this is not the case. Most homeowners assume that their roofs will last a lifetime. When the storms hit and damage their homes, repairing the damage can quickly become very expensive.

We have many different types of roofs in Arizona—from tile shingles to flat roofs. Depending on what type you have there are some things you can to do to extend the lifespan of your roof and keep it in good condition, so when the monsoon season comes you can get through the storms with confidence.

Here are some helpful tips to consider:

Clean your storm gutters regularly – At least once a month you should be cleaning out your gutters to make sure they are free of any debris. Accumulated water caused by a clog in the gutter could seep in and flood your roof, causing damage and even leaks.

Inspect your roof – About once every three months you should inspect your roof. You will want to examine your tiles or shingles to see if there is any damage, buckling or cracking. If there is damage you will want to repair it immediately, because any weakness in the roof could result in the tiles or shingles tearing loose when monsoon season hits.

Inspect your inside walls and ceilings – Make sure to inspect all walls and ceilings for any visible water damage. We do not get a lot of rain here in Arizona, but inspect them just to be safe. If you have water damage inside, that means that you should have your roof inspected by a professional.

When to call a professional – If you have done the inspections and you’ve found some damage that you are unable to fix, you should call a professional contractor who will help you take care of your roof and prepare you for the monsoon season. If you have taken care of your roof throughout the year, you shouldn’t have an issue—but if you’ve waited and now you need a professional, there are great roofing companies in Arizona that will work with you. Call Image Home Improvement and our specialists will be happy to make sure your roof is ready for Arizona’s storms!