Choose the Right Carpenter for Your Remodeling Project

Choose the right carpenter for your remodeling project There are several things to consider when planning carpentry work for your home.

Many older homes have entertainment centers framed out and covered in drywall made to hold electronic components such as your big screen TV. Newer units never seem to fit in those old “cubbies.” Technology improvements have changed our lives so we must adapt. Image Home Improvement can design a well-functioning entertainment center that will accommodate the new flat screen televisions along with all the accompanying newer electronics. Special custom built cabinetry can be designed into the unit to keep dust out of certain shelf areas.

Patio additions are a great feature, especially living here in the desert. Strategically attached to your home, they cover the particular side of the house that gets the most heat during the summer. It must be designed to appear as part of the original structure. This may be in the form of a sloped roof or flat foam roof with a parapet wall. The individual home design will dictate the design of the structure.

Adding crown molding to an existing room adds beauty and style. We can help you choose the right style of crown molding that fits your room—not too big, not too small—just the right size. This molding can be stained or painted, depending on your decor.

Replacing baseboards and door casings may need to be done after a flood, or perhaps just an upgrade. This may also be necessary if you are replacing the flooring in your home.

Interior doors can be replaced with an updated door surface design. Replacing the slab can be done without replacing the entire door jamb if you’re not going from a painted door to a stained one. Care and patience are necessary when doing this, as the door needs to be sized to the jamb opening. A quicker way to go is to replace the entire door and jamb assembly.

If you have a carpentry project that is beyond your DIY skill level, don’t take chances—call Image Home Improvement and get the job done right!