Easy Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom

What is the easiest way to remodel  your bathroom?A bathroom remodel is indicated when the homeowner gets tired of looking at that old bathtub they never use, or the gold framed shower door that really “dates” their house. It’s important that the homeowner use the remodel as an expression of their own personality and lifestyle. Nothing can be worse than going through the ordeal of a remodel and having it turn out generic. It should be a cheerful change for your home!

An unexpected leak in the shower or water intrusion in the wall opens up the opportunity for remodeling when you least expect it. Instead of just repairing the damage, this is another great time to consider making the changes that you’ve been putting off. Redesigning the functionality of your room could make your day. Think about it—if you’ve been regretting some of the design decisions you made years ago, this is your chance to make it right!

The investment you have available will help determine the materials chosen and what the space will ultimately look like. The change can be as simple as a new sink and paint job to a full remove-and-replace project with a new layout. Image Home Improvement offers a full range of innovative products and services to help you create the look you desire.

The Image Home Improvement team has completed many of these types of bathroom remodels, so let me walk you through our process. First we help you define your budget. Then we can assist you in choosing the materials for the project—from the many new types of cabinetry, to granite or Silestone countertops, to the shower that needs to be tiled with an updated look. Remember, the glass shower enclosure is especially important, as it will be one of the dominant features you see when you enter the room. These materials range from clear glass panels to rain glass and more. Plumbing fixtures are also very important, as they will define the finished look of the countertop and shower. You may want to go all out and include a rain showerhead, a slide bar with a handheld wand, and even a series of body sprayers.

In any case, updated lighting should be of paramount importance, as this will affect the overall look of the finished bathroom remodel. Old lighting in a new bathroom configuration usually will not work.

Let us help you make your new bathroom look like a natural part of your house, as all remodels should!