Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubFreestanding tubs are great alternatives to built in tubs and are available in a wide range of materials and styles. There are thousands of choices from vintage claw-foot designs to modern unique shapes—from a simple style to pure elegance, they make a strong visual statement in any bathroom.

The ability to access freestanding tubs from all sides is perhaps the most popular reason for wanting one—not to mention that they can be easily replaced without having to tear up your bathroom. They’re almost like another piece of furniture in your home.

When considering a freestanding tub, you should look at how much space you have available. Depending on how it’s placed in the room, it could mean little open space left in your bathroom. So, plan accordingly.

What about plumbing? This is perhaps the most important consideration to make. Are you using the same plumbing from a previous tub? The plumbing may need to come through the floor and not the wall and could become a serious projects during installation. You should hire a professional plumber for this.

Another challenge is hiding the plumbing connected to the freestanding tub. All that plumbing could be a real eyesore and take away from the tub’s beauty. Talk to your plumber or consult a contractor about possibilities like building a decorative half wall as a way to conceal all the plumbing, or exploring other options.