Replacing Your Windows and Doors

Replacing Your Windows and DoorsIs it time to replace your old windows and doors? If your home is older and has single pane windows, replacing them with new energy efficient windows will significantly cut down your electrical bill.

There are a wide variety of entry doors to choose from—wood, metal or fiberglass. Each one has a purpose for different locations around the house. Interior doors now offer many styles and surfaces textures to help beautify your home.

Wood, steel and fiberglass doors
Wood doors are beautiful when finished properly. The wood grain brings warmth to wherever they are installed, definitely giving the home a high-end look. Scratches can be repaired easily. Wood doors require regular maintenance to keeping them looking new and beautiful.

Metal doors require less maintenance than wood doors. They do not crack or bow. They are usually less expensive than wood doors. They can be painted in any quality (100% acrylic) paint, as well as custom simulated wood grain. They are not used as garage entry doors anymore, but stylish metal doors can be used for other home entry applications. Metal doors are secure and have good insulating value for energy efficiency.

Fiberglass doors have the lowest maintenance of all three choices. They are durable and secure. Fiberglass resists denting and scratching, and it won’t rot, deteriorate or rust. Doors made from this material will not warp, bow or twist. You can choose wood grain or smooth finish looks, and they can be painted or stained. Fiberglass doors are energy efficient, with five times the insulation value of wood.

Aluminum and vinyl windows
Homeowners have the choice of vinyl or aluminum framed windows. If you choose to upgrade to an energy-efficient vinyl window, you may be eligible for a tax credit. Vinyl windows are more energy efficient because of their superior insulating properties. They can resist heat during the summer months, and “seal in” the heat in the winter season. The result is a cost savings for both cooling and heating the house.

In certain remodel applications, aluminum windows are a better choice due to the design of the home. Fiberglass frames on certain window designs are usually wider and have a different look to them.

A positive window and door replacement experience requires knowledgeable experts who can help you handle your project from start to finish. Image Home Improvement can guide you through all the choices and technical specifications to help you make the right choices for your home!