Mold in Arizona Homes—A Very Real Issue!

Mold in Arizona Homes With Arizona being as dry as it is you’d think we wouldn’t have mold issues—but that’s simply not the case. People all around Arizona have mold issues that can be very dangerous and even life threatening, depending on age and health factors. Mold inside of your home can cause asthma, breathing problems, and exacerbation of breathing and lung issues that you might already have. It can cause runny noses, coughs, watery eyes, tightness in the chest, throat problems and sneezing. If you live with the mold long enough it can also cause life threatening allergic reactions and even poisoning of the blood. Mold is a very serious and dangerous issue that needs to be addressed, and the people at Image Home Improvement can and will go out of their way to ensure that your home is mold free.

Our scarce rainfall doesn’t mean that mold will not present itself inside your home. Here are a few ways that it can infest in our desert homes.

  • Your house floods.
  • Sewage becomes backed up.
  • Leaking roofs.
  • Constant use of a humidifier.
  • Crawl spaces that have become damp due to humid weather.
  • Unknown plumbing leaks.
  • Overwatering houseplants.
  • Frequent cooking steam.
  • Wet clothes hanging on indoor drying racks or lines.
  • Improperly vented clothes dryers.

In order for mold to flourish and grow inside of your Arizona home, several elements need to be present. First, there must be a food source such as leaves, wood, paper or even the drywall that is present in most homes around the state. The mold also needs constant moisture, as in the conditions mentioned in the list above. It needs a dark place to grow, which means the most prevalent places where it tends to grow are the inside of your walls or under the house, or even in your crawl space overhead. Mold is usually not something you can take care of yourself as a homeowner. Especially if it’s a large enough infestation, you would be wise to call a professional. If you find just a bit of mold on the walls, the easiest thing for you to do is wipe it down with a bleach or disinfectant solution that will kill the mold on contact. If you have mold inside of the walls, you should definitely call in a professional such as Image Home Improvement to ensure that the job is done safely and completely, so your family is ensured a heathy, mold-free home.