Catch a Contractor - Skip and Alison Bedell

Catch a Contractor’s Skip Bedell

Steve welcomes back Skip Bedell from Spike TV’s hit show Catch a Contractor. Will he share a secret or two about the next upcoming season? Find out in today’s show.

Air Conditioning Unit

Benefits of a New Air Conditioning Unit

Justin Hathaway of Howard Air joins Steve and Dan and explains the benefits of a new air conditioning system.

Then and Now: Home Improvement Technology Innovations

Looking Back and Ahead in Technology

Technology has dramatically changed the way we live today. Steve and Dan sit down with actress Clarissa Burt to talk about the old and new technology.

Papagno's Marble & Granite

Marble and Granite Tips

Ariadna Papagno from Papagno’s Marble & Granite offers some great tips on marble and granite countertops, and some of the advantages of using them in your home.

Refinancing for home improvement

Home Flipping Essentials

Award-winning contractor Steve Deubel teams up with renowned Phoenix home inspector Dan Haydon. Learn some essential skills for flipping a home.

Electric tips

Summer Electrical and Plumbing Tips

Steve and Dan welcome Sean LaPointe from Mr. Electric and Jeff Lawson from Lawson Family Plumbing. Learn some valuable electrical and plumbing tips for the summer.

Plumbing Tips, Skip Bedell & Peel and Stick Sanding Glove

Lawson Plumbing with tips for solving common household plumbing issues, Catch a Contractor’s Skip Bedell, Mary Heitmeyer from Chef DuJour, and the exciting Peel and Stick Sanding Glove.

Earth Day Tips

Expert Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Home

Steve and Dan interview green living experts who offer some great tips for homeowners seeking to make their homes more environmentally friendly.