Rockwell Brushless Drill-Driver and Impact Driver Combo

Rockwell’s Brushless Drill-Driver and Impact Driver ComboWhether you’re a general contractor or like to do projects at home, you will find Rockwell’s new brushless combo kit a good option for your drilling needs.

The pricing, however, might seem a bit high at first. In the long run though, Rockwell says owning one reduces overall cost. This is because the brushless motors require no maintenance when compared to brushed motor tools—and because of their low energy consumption, they use less batteries. Add Rockwell’s Batteries for Life program, and you could save even more money over time. We know replacement batteries aren’t cheap, so their cost alone could justify the drill’s cost. The decision comes down to you, obviously.

So, how does the Rockwell brushless combo kit perform? When you see it up close, you can’t help but notice the aesthetic quality of its design—it’s well built and looks durable—and it’s lightweight (3.4 lbs with battery). When you turn it on you can feel how strong the motor is. With 1,550 in/lbs of torque for the impact driver, and 531 in/lbs for the drill, the combo kit offers plenty of power. It’s hard to believe that something so powerful could use less battery, but it does. The battery life is very impressive. Its 20-volt lithium-ion battery can get through even tough jobs in one charge. The brushless motors are computer controlled, and Rockwell says this is why they are efficient and can reduce heat and wear, which ultimately extends the life of the motor.

Rockwell Brushless Drill Driver and Impact DriverThe two-speed gearbox has no-load speeds of 0-600 and 0-2000. Its maximum torque is 531 in/lbs. The ½ inch metal chuck has 18+1 clutch positions to handle a wide range of drilling and driving jobs. The tool’s drilling capacity in wood is 1-1/2 inch and ½ inch in steel.

Rockwell offers a 10-year warranty on its brushless motors and can be purchased for $279.99. Be aware that in order to take advantage of the extended warranty you must register the device. You will also have to pay for shipping when replacing batteries. The brushless drill comes equipped with a belt clip, two 2.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries, a one-hour charger, two double-ended bits and a soft storage bag. You can find Rockwell’s brushless combo kit at