Roof Replacement Basics

Roof Replacement BasicsThe one element of your house that protects everything you own is your roof—it is your first line of defense against natural elements. From the intense summer heat to the colder winter months, alternating expansion and contraction will age your roof. Whether you have a shingle, tile or foam roof, it must be checked periodically to ensure that its integrity remains sufficient.

Your roof’s durability depends on several factors: type and quality of roofing materials, installation and attachment methods, preparation work (overlaying old roofs versus removing and replacing), life expectancy of materials, best colors for withstanding the desert’s extremes, cost and warranty. Image Home Improvement, Inc. can assist you with making the right choices for your home.

Re-roof or repair? An assessment of your roof’s condition can determine this. If it is an older shingle roof, it may need to be replaced entirely instead of just doing spot repairs. Signs of deterioration can be assessed when granules from the shingle roof are found on the ground after a rainstorm. You will also notice missing sections of shingles, and leaks in the home after a rainstorm—stain spots on your drywall ceilings and walls may be apparent. Shingles are made of a base (organic or fiberglass), which is saturated with asphalt and coated with minerals on one side to resist weathering. Fiberglass shingles are more flexible and stronger than organic shingles. Shingles come in a wide-variety of styles, quality, and colors. Shingle roofs can overlay an existing roof if the initial roof is a single layer (3-tab shingle) and in good condition. Shingle material warranty will range from 20 to 50 years. A certified installer must install the roof to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Tile roofing is an option for some homes. Before replacing a shingle roof with a tile roof, it will be necessary to beef up the truss structure of the home. Tile weighs more than shingles do. This new support structure should be engineer-approved, as the truss structure must be supported correctly to handle the new weight load. The home becomes waterproof by using an underlayment, or felt paper installed underneath the tile. Some felt is organic, but all deteriorate over time, especially in the Arizona sun. This usually takes 12 to 20 years, depending on several factors, and then the felt must be removed and replaced.

Sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) systems, better known as just plain “foam roofs,” can supply the homeowner with many benefits. The two most prominent benefits are waterproofing/leak prevention and insulation value. Foam is usually used on flat roofs. Its expansion results in a weather-tight roofing membrane that is fully adhered to the substrate.

Image Home Improvement, Inc. is a full-service general residential and commercial remodeler, and we can handle these types of roofs for you when you are in need of replacement.