Tips for a Successful Painting Project

The key to a successful painting projectPainting is one of the many services the Image Home Improvement team offers all residential and commercial customers. Whether it is an interior or exterior project, we can make your home look new.

There are several keys to a successful painting project. First you must make sure you have the right contractor. Image Home Improvement has been painting homes and businesses in the Valley since 1991. You can have peace of mind knowing that our professionals will take care of your home the same way they care for their own homes.

Exterior painting in Arizona has many challenges as temperatures range from extreme heat to extreme cold, depending on what part of the state you live in. In either scenario, remember “all paints are not created equal.” There are certain paints that are designed to give you the longest wear and will not fail prematurely. Prep work is just as important as choosing the right paint. Improperly prepared surfaces can result in reduced coating adhesion and service life, which will lead to failure.

Besides block and stucco homes, there are wood siding homes. Sometimes all three materials are present in a home. In older homes it is best to know what type of paint material was used when the home was first built. When that information is not available, a preliminary primer coat may be necessary to level out and seal all surfaces. Block walls have surfaces that need the proper painting procedure. Too many homeowners try to paint their block walls by rolling the wall with a roller instead of using a sprayer. If rolled, too much paint is used and will cost much more. There will also be more paint on the wall than there should be, which will likely peel off after it has been exposed to the elements.

Interior painting can also pose challenges because of the different types of sheen choices used in different areas of a home. Choosing the wrong one will shorten the service life of the paint. Different lifestyles will sometimes dictate what sheen is used in which locations throughout your home. Acrylic Semi-Gloss paints are typically used on doors and casings. Bathroom walls and kitchens can benefit from this sheen as well. More popular these days are high quality, low sheen finishes which can be cleaned easily when needed. In a business office a high quality low sheen finish will be durable as well, and it will look good longer even after periodic spot cleaning. Interior painting can be brushed, rolled or sprayed—the choice is yours.

When maintaining the exterior and interior of your home or structure, it is important to consult a professional before work begins. This will bring peace of mind and will make your painting project more successful.